New Publication 5

By Good Jinx

102 pages, published 9/21/2022

Good Jinx came to be in the mist of a pandemic. With everything going wrong , creativity found it’s way to make things right. With people finding new ways to live , love ,learn and create . The idea of Good jinx was born. Good Jinx stand for taking a chance at life , luck is only a mindset. Take action, be relentless in chasing your dreams , because no one will chase them for you.
New Publication (4)

By Good Jinx

106 pages, published 12/21/2021

Issue 4
Issue 3

By Good Jinx

122 pages, published 9/21/2021

Fashion issue
New Publication (2)

By Good Jinx

126 pages, published 6/21/2021

Good Jinx Issue #2
Issue 1

By Good Jinx

110 pages, published 3/21/2021

Issue #1